PaySafe Guarantee

Buy with Confidence: Your Payment is Protected by PaySafe Guarantee

What is PaySafe Guarantee?

At, we believe no business can succeed without 100% customer satisfaction. So, we strive our best for your satisfaction – It’s that simple!

PaySafe Guarantee ensures that you are completely satisfied with every purchase you make on our website. It protects your purchases and gives you 100% of your money back in case we break on our commitments.

How do you take advantage of PaySafe Guarantee?

All orders made through are automatically covered by PaySafe Guarantee. If you would like to request refund or replacement, you must contact us at: [email protected] with your claim within 7 days of delivery.

What does PaySafe Guarantee Cover?

PaySafe Guarantee covers:

  • Non-dispatch of products: If we fail to ship an order within two business days of promised shipping date, you can cancel your order and request for a refund.
  • Non-delivery of products: If the order is not delivered within 14 days after the order is shipped, PaySafe Guarantee assures refund of the money you have paid for the product.
  • Damaged or defective products: PaySafe Guarantee allows you to request for refund / replacement within 7 days of delivery in case the purchased product is damaged/defective when you received it.
  • Product received does not nearly match description on the website: If the product received does not match the description on our website, you may request refund or replacement within 7 days of delivery.

PaySafe Guarantee ensures that your issues will be resolved at the earliest.

How do you receive refunds through PaySafe Guarantee?

PaySafe Guarantee promises your refunds will be processed within 7 working days through the original method used for payment.

To know more about our returns process, please visit our shipping and returns page.

Last Updated: 14 September 2015