Yosemite Valley Scene 6 by Albert Bierstadt

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Give your walls a beautiful sunset view with this artwork. Painted by one of the world’s best landscape painter, Albert Bierstadt, this painting shows a beautiful view of a mountain landscape at evening. Add this to your walls – its elegance will surely brighten up any space.

  • Type: Multicolour, 300gsm paper
  • Frame Type: Fibre, Black
  • Protection: Lamination, Matte film
  • Weight: 950gms approx
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Cash on Delivery Standard Delivery (Dispatched in 2-5 business days)
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In this painting, Bierstadt depicts the magical view of Yosemite valley at sunset. The distant sun illuminates the sky and bathes the lush landscape and surrounding peaks in yellowish orange. The sky covered by the clouds also gives a mystic feel to this painting. When you take a closer look, you’ll spot a deer enjoying the sunset standing on a rocky ledge. You’ll also observe a distant waterfall high up in the mountain and a winding river in plains.

Suggested Rooms and Gifting Occasions

This would be a lovely addition to your own wall or it would make for a great gift for all nature lovers amongst us. This frame could also be used as bedroom wall decor because of its calming qualities. It could also be used as a inspiring living room or family room wall art. Because of the striking colours, this frame could also be used in an office environment or library room. This would make a beautiful gift for your loved ones or best friend on any occasion. Nobody is going to say ‘nah’ to such a beautiful artwork. So go ahead then.

Print & Frame Details

The print is made from a thick (300gsm) fine art paper for the premier quality. The colors are vibrant and are printed using imported long lasting ink. For additional protection, each print is laminated with a special matte finish film. This way, you can easy clean the surface with a soft cotton cloth.

This print is available in two unique and stylish fibre frames and they’re perfect suited for any walls. The frame comes with all hanging hardware and you could easily hang it anywhere in your home without additional help. Just need a single nail to support this light weight frame.


These frames will be covered in a layer of acrylic sheet and a layer of bubble wrap before packing into a carton box. You can expect to get this item delivered to your home in about 2-5 business days.


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